Distribution Release: GeckoLinux 152

GeckoLinux is a desktop-oriented distribution based on openSUSE. The project’s latest version includes updated desktop environments and enables several third-party software repositories. “GeckoLinux continues to be focused on eliminating pain points and polishing its unique out-of-the-box configuration on top of the stable and flexible openSUSE base. Proprietary media formats play out of the box, and additional user-installed multimedia applications work automatically with restricted media codecs thanks to the prioritized inclusion of the Packman repository. Google and Skype repositories are also configured out-of-the-box for optional installation by the user of proprietary applications from those vendors. Third-party RPM packages can be easily installed using the graphical YaST package manager. GeckoLinux uses the Calamares system installer at version 3.2.15, providing easy but powerful options for reliable installation of the live system. A variety of GeckoLinux ISO spins are available with polished desktop environments to suit every need and preference. Each spin contains a well curated selection of preinstalled applications appropriate for the particular desktop environment. Current highlights include: Cinnamon 4.4.8; MATE 1.24.0; Plasma 5.18.5 / KDE applications 20.04; Xfce 4.14; GNOME 3.34.4; LXQt 0.14.1.” Further information can be found in the project’s release announcement.