KDE Plasma 5.19.4 Released

Plasma 5.19.4 Complete Changelog

Check if we successfully restored input focus. Commit. See bug #424223
Grab all possible keyboard modifiers for window commands. Commit. Fixes bug #424272
KCM KWin Options setting ActiveMouseScreen set proper default value. Commit. Fixes bug #424389
Resize maximised windows upon workspace change. Commit. Fixes bug #423596
Partially revert a0c4a8e766a2160. Commit. Fixes bug #424223
Don’t perform MouseActivateRaiseAndPassClick for topmost windows. Commit.
[virtualkeyboard] Fix the qtvirtualkeyboard with Qt 5.15. Commit.
[scripts/videowall] Reenable the config dialog. Commit.
Correctly replace spaces with nothing. Commit.
Fix presets loading. Commit.
Delete the face config ui when face gets switched. Commit. Fixes bug #423071
Plasma Desktop
[kcms/desktoppath] Use folder dialogs instead of file dialogs. Commit. Fixes bug #424438
[kcm cursortheme] Also clear default theme when resetting. Commit.
Notify about changes when changing Global Theme. Commit. Fixes bug #421745
Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)
Make hotspot configuration dialog bigger. Commit.
Remove (seemingly debug) warning statement from passworddialog. Commit.
Reset password field when the user clicks Ok. Commit. Fixes bug #424063
Plasma Workspace
Emit countChanged when we get a new source model. Commit.
[wallpaper] Avoid using pluginId for indexing package indexes. Commit. Fixes bug #423987
Revert “Fix broken ENV variables for detailed settings”. Commit. Fixes bug #423995
[applet/systemtray] Regression: all applets in config are shown as disabled. Commit.
Hide face config button if the face can’t config. Commit.
Only open KCM in systemsettings if it can be displayed. Commit. Fixes bug #423612
Split args in RunScript again. Commit.