KDE Plasma 5.19.5 Released

Plasma 5.19.5 Complete Changelog

Properly wrap text on review popup header. Commit. Fixes bug #425382
Ignore --mode when we have a specific query requested already. Commit.
[ksgrd] Correctly handle monitors list changing. Commit.
Effects/slidingpopups: Properly clip windows. Commit.
[DownloadJob] Fall back to url when finalUrl isn’t set. Commit.
Plasma Desktop
Revert “[Folder view] Fix binding loop on width”. Commit. Fixes bug #423511
Hardcode icons for default plasma components. Commit. See bug #424197. See bug #424198. See bug #424194. See bug #424195
Plasma Workspace
[logout screen] Set implicit widths on OK and Cancel buttons. Commit.
KDisplayManager: Work without $DISPLAY set. Commit.
Plymouth KControl Module
Fix running of update-alternatives. Commit.
On wakeup from suspend restore remembered keyboard brightness. Commit.
Add “Name” entry into the desktop file. Commit. Fixes bug #426004
Print: enable printing of multiple copies. Commit. See bug #419944