BLUG Meeting (at SUSE Office): Free Software License

We are honored to invite Alice Wang from Software Freedom Law Center(SFLC) to give us a presentation on free software license - to talk about the basics of different free and open source licenses and common compliance issues. And, she will also send us a surprise!

  • Note: If you want to have dinner with us, we’ll order some foods and share the bill, but let’s pay for our speaker together!*

我们很荣幸邀请到 自由软件法律中心 (SFLC)]( 的 Alice Wang 坐客 BLUG 活动,她将为我们带来关于自由 / 开源软件许可证的演讲 - 介绍不同类型的开源软件许可证和常见的合规问题。以及带来一份惊喜……

  • ** 提示:** 如果你想与我们一起吃晚饭,我们可以叫外买。餐费 AA 制平分,但演讲者无需出钱。*

特别感谢 SUSE 北京办公室提供场地支持!

Alice Wang is a JD student at Columbia Law School (graduating May 2016) and works at the Software Freedom Law Center in New York to provide software licensing and other legal services to free and open source communities. Alice is also a member of the licensing and compliance team at the Free Software Foundation . Prior to law school, Alice worked as a software developer at Bloomberg. Alice is passionate about using law to encourage tech development and looks forward to meeting members of the tech community in Beijing.
Alice Wang (王卓)是 哥伦比亚法学院 ]( 的法学博士生,现在纽约自由软件法律中心(Software Freedom Law Center) 兼职,为开源社区服务。Alice 是 自由软件基金会(Free Software Foundation)]( 的合规小组成员,做软件许可证法律工作,以前也在硅谷做过知识产权工作。上法学院前,她曾在彭博当软件工程师。Alice 主要研究如何使法律促进研发,希望与大家交流。

*   **Time:**  19:00

*   **Date:**  Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

*   **Location:**  SUSE Beijing Office (Tel 65339000)

*   **Address:**  北京财富中心 3603, Beijing Fortune Center Tower A, 3603

*   **Map:**   [OpenStreetMap]( 

*   **Subway:**  Exit D, JinTaiXiZhao station, Line 10 地铁 10 号线金台夕照站 D 出口