KDE 4.10.4 for openSUSE is released

orginal link: dennogumi.org/2013/06/kde-platform-workspace-and-applications-4-10-4-for-opensuse

These posts kind of sound like a broken record, right? :wink: Anyway, since KDE has released new versions of Platform, Workspaces and Applications as part of the stable release cycle, thanks to the OBS we have packages available for openSUSE 12.2 and 12.3. The 4.10.4 update will also be released as an official update for 12.3 in due time.

Where you can get the packages? Two places, as usual:
KDE:Distro:Factory in case you are interested in contributing to packaging for the next openSUSE release;
KDE:Release:410 (openSUSE 12.3 or openSUSE 12.2) in case you just want to upgrade to the latest and greatest version
What to look forward to in this release? More than 50 bugs being fixed, including:
CSS compliance fixes in KHTML
Bug fixes in Gwenview (display after image rotation, duplicate entries in recent folders)
Assorted fixes in KMail: polishing of external editor support, CalDAV fixes, UI adjustments…
For more you can always turn to the full list of fixed bugs.
As with any good broken record, some more repetition: report bugs in packaging to Novell’s Bugzilla, and bugs in the software directly to KDE.
Have fun with 4.10.4!


Apper 好一顿升级,然后发现还是 4.10.3




是不是升级的方法不对啊~~~我的没有问题。是 4.10.4,见图。

plasma 的内存泄漏问题还有吗?
具体问题见这个 bug report bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=314919

根据你给出的链接,这是一个尚未修复的 bug

真的希望能在 kde 4 系列里修掉,上次复制文件 20 分钟左右,右下角的进度图标不停地转,结果 plasma-desktop 内存占用暴增到 150M 之多,尽管 report 里说只有 gtk+ 受影响,但我测试发现 kde 的软件也一样

then it’s another bug.

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我的仍然是 Version 4.10.3 “release 1”, 不过好像音量调节卡死的问题修复了, 目前还没有遇到