Nemo - a complete fork of Nautilus 3.4 by linuxmint

对 nautilus3.6 种种 yan 割行径不满的同学们有救了~
Nemo is a complete fork of Nautilus 3.4 and its goal is to extend the Cinnamon user experience to desktop and file management.

存在的问题主要是 extensions 还没完全 fork,下面是 extensions 的 status:


nemo-wallpaper: (built in to Nemo)
nemo-dropbox: functional
nemo-fileroller: functional
nemo-sendto: functional
nemo-seahorse: functional
nemo-share: functional
nemo-pastebin: functional
nemo-compare: functional

nemo-python (python bindings for Nemo): functional
nemo-rabbitvcs: functional (forked from rabbitvcs-0.15.2)


nemo-bzr: part of bzr-gtk, needs to be isolated from it


arkose-nautilus                 - Desktop application sandboxing - nautilus 
nautilus-actions                - nautilus extension to configure programs t
nautilus-clamscan               - Antivirus scanning for Nautilus           
nautilus-filename-repairer      - Nautilus extension for filename encoding r
nautilus-ideviceinfo            - utility showing information of idevices on
nautilus-image-converter        - nautilus extension to mass resize or rotat
nautilus-image-manipulator      - Resize and send images from Nautilus      
nautilus-qdigidoc  		    - Nautilus file manager support for QDigiDoc
nautilus-script-audio-convert   - A nautilus audio converter script         
nautilus-script-collection-svn  - Nautilus subversion management scripts    
nautilus-script-manager         - A simple management tool for nautilus scri
nautilus-script-purrr           -                                           
nautilus-scripts-manager        - simple tool for nautilus scripts managemen
nautilus-search                 - Add gnome-search-tool to context menu
nautilus-sendto-empathy         - GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client 
nautilus-wipe                   - Secure deletion extension for Nautilus    
nautilus-gtkhash                - nautilus extension for computing checksums

误以为是 nemo mobile 的 nemo。