KDE Plasma 5.19.2 Released

Plasma 5.19.2 Complete Changelog

Confirm reboot action with the user. Commit.
Odrs: improve the chances to find the crash. Commit. Fixes bug #419273
Appstream: Try harder at de-duplicating v2. Commit.
Info Center
Also localize the bit entry. Commit. See bug #407179
Make entry members protected. Commit.
Fix English copy to clipboard version. Commit. Fixes bug #407179
Scope dragAndDropActionsChanged to source lifespan. Commit. Fixes bug #423127
Fix build with loadThemeCursor templates. Commit. Fixes bug #423052
KCM Compositing: Fix save state. Commit. Fixes bug #423223
KCMoptions: delay initialization after QObject creation in standalone. Commit. Fixes bug #423111
[x11] Create egl scene textures with right size. Commit.
[x11] Provide physical dimensions for outputs. Commit. Fixes bug #422816
Remove leftPadding/rightPadding. Commit.
Add missing ids. Commit.
Make Sensor::shortName property actually return shortName. Commit.
Fix searching in FacesConfig. Commit. Fixes bug #422835
Expose better size hints. Commit. Fixes bug #422669. Fixes bug #422888
Reset the page when reloaded. Commit. Fixes bug #422871
[style] Fix crash during app tear down sequence. Commit.
Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)
[applet] Remove styled text support from list items. Commit. Fixes bug #423020
[applet] Restore former default action. Commit. Fixes bug #422917
Plasma Workspace
[Notifications] Support description where only a value is set. Commit. Fixes bug #423218
Fix case of monitored service in startplasma’s shutdown. Commit. Fixes bug #422870
Fix faint outline for notification timeout indicator with newer charts. Commit. Fixes bug #423079
[applets/appmenu] Listen to more signals to ensure that appmenu applet can reliably catch the active window changing. Commit. Fixes bug #422786. Fixes bug #422260
Fix KRunner positioning on X11 with High DPI and Qt scaling on Plasma. Commit. Fixes bug #422578
[lock screen] Stop timer when interacting with media controls. Commit. Fixes bug #422707