KDE Releases Frameworks 5.74.0

September 06, 2020. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.74.0.

KDE Frameworks are over 70 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the KDE Frameworks web page.

This release is part of a series of planned monthly releases making improvements available to developers in a quick and predictable manner.

New in this Version
Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition
Relicense many files to LGPL-2.0-or-later
Use common UDS creation code also for tags (bug 419429)
Factor out common UDS creation code from KIO workers
[balooctl] Show allowed formats in help text
[balooctl] Show current file in status output in indexing state
[balooctl] Set QDBusServiceWatcher mode from constructor
[balooctl] Formatting cleanup
Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition
[OrPostingIterator] Do not advance when wanted id is lower than current
[Extractor] Remove QWidgets dependency from extractor helper
[Extractor] Remove KAboutData from extractor helper executable
Update various references in README
[FileContentIndexer] Remove unused config constructor argument and member
[balooctl] Fix QProcess::start deprecated warning, provide empty args list
[Engine] Propagate transaction errors (bug 425017)
[Engine] Remove unused method hasChanges from {Write}Transaction
Don’t index .ytdl files (bug 424925)
Breeze Icons
Make the keepassxc icon more faithful to the official one
Add more symlinks for new keepassxc system tray icon names (bug 425928)
Add another alias for keepass icon (bug 425928)
Add icon for Godot project MIME type
Add icon for Anaconda installer
Add 96px places icons
Remove unused places to communicate
Run application-x-bzip-compressed-tar through scour (bug 425089)
Make application-gzip symlink to application-x-gzip (bug 425059)
Add aliases for MP3 icons (bug 425059)
Extra CMake Modules
Strip leading zeros from numerical version numbers in C++ code
Add timeout for qmlplugindump calls
Add WaylandProtocols find module
invoke update-mime-database with -n
Framework Integration
Clarify license statement according to KDElibs History
Use Boost::boost for older CMake versions
Drop empty X-KDE-PluginInfo-Depends
KDE Doxygen Tools
Document dependencies in requirements.txt and install them in setup.py
Opt-In Display of Library License
Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition
KBookmarkManager: clear memory tree when the file is deleted
Always store X-KDE-VOLATILE-XXX properties as volatile
Document the expected TZ transitions in Prague
KCModuleData: Fix headers, improve api doc and rename method
Extend KCModuleData with revertToDefaults and matchQuery functionality
Try to avoid horizontal scrollbar in KCMultiDialog
Add KCModuleData as base class for plugin
Allow extra button to be added to KPluginSelector (bug 315829)
Make KWindowConfig::allConnectedScreens() static and internal (bug 425953)
Add standard shortcut for “Create Folder”
Introduce method to query KConfigSkeletonItem default value
Remember window sizes on a per-screen-arrangement basis
Extract code to get list of connected screens into a re-usable function
Add functions to save and restore window positions on non-Wayland platforms (bug 415150)
Avoid swapping defaults to read KConfigSkeletonItem default value
Fix KLanguageName::nameForCodeInLocale for codes that QLocale doesn’t know about
KLanguageName::allLanguageCodes: Take into account there can be more than one locale directory
KConfigDialog: Try to avoid horizontal scrollbars
Function that returns the list of Language Codes
Addressee::parseEmailAddress(): Check length of full name before trimming
Add .kcrash glob pattern to KCrash Report MIME type
Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition
Do not wait for fam events indefinitely (bug 423818)
[KFormat] Allow formatting values to arbitrary binary units
Make it possible to KPluginMetadata from QML
[KFormat] Fix binary example
metainfo.yaml: Add tier key and tweak description
[KKeySequenceItem] Make Meta+Shift+num shortcuts work
Expose checkForConflictsAgainst property
Add a new AbstractKCM class
Port KRunProxy away from KRun
org.kde.kded5.desktop: Add missing required key “Name” (bug 408802)
Update contributor.entities
Use placeholder markers
Recover EmojiOne license information
Convert old Mac line endings in lyrics tags (bug 425563)
Port to ECM new FindTaglib module
Load service files for shortcuts for applications data dir as fallback (bug 421329)
Fix possible preprocessor race condition with i18n defines
StatJob: make mostLocalUrl work only with protoclClass == :local
KPropertiesDialog: also load plugins with JSON metadata
Revert “[KUrlCompletion] Don’t append / to completed folders” (bug 425387)
Simplify KProcessRunner constructor
Allow CCBUG and FEATURE keywords for bugs.kde.org (bug )
Update help text for editing the app command in a .desktop entry to comply with current spec (bug 425145)
KFileFilterCombo: Don’t add the allTypes option if we only have 1 item
Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition
Fix potential crash deleting a menu in event handler (bug 402793)
[filewidgets] Fix KUrlNavigatorButton padding on breadcrumb (bug 425570)
ApplicationLauncherJob: tweak docs
Fix untranslated items in kfileplacesmodel
ApplicationLauncherJob: fix crash if there’s no open-with handler set
Rename “Web Shortcuts” KCM to “Web Search Keywords”
KFileWidget: reparse config to grab dirs added by other instances of the app (bug 403524)
Move web shortcuts kcm to search category
Automatically remove trailing whitespace instead of showing a warning
Avoid systemd launched applications from closing forked children (bug 425201)
smb: fix share name availability check
smb: keep stderr of net commands on add/remove (bug 334618)
smb: rejigger guest allowed check and publish as areGuestsAllowed
KFileWidget: Clear urls before rebuilding the list
KFileWidget: remove default URLs top path combo
KFilePlacesModel: add default places when upgrading from older version
Fix 2-years regression in KUrlComboBox, setUrl() didn’t append anymore
kirigami.pri: Add managedtexturenode.cpp
make buddyfor custom positioning work again
Account for More button size if we already know it will be visible
Add a property to ToolBarLayout to control how to deal with item height (bug 425675)
make checkbox labels readable again
support displayComponent for actions
make submenus visible
Fix QSGMaterialType forward declaration
Make OverlaySheet header and footer use appropriate background colors
Check low power environment variable for value, not just if it is set
Add setShader function to ShadowedRectangleShader to simplify setting shaders
Add a low power version of the sdf functions file
Make overloads of sdf_render use the full-argument sdf_render function
Remove need for core profile defines in shadowedrect shader main
Base inner rectangle on outer rectangle for bordered shadowedrectangle
Use the right shaders for ShadowedTexture when using core profile
Add “lowpower” versions of the shadowedrectangle shaders
Initialize m_component member in PageRoute
Fix Material SwipeListItem
new logic to remove acceleration marks (bug 420409)
remove forceSoftwarerendering for now
just show the source item on software rendering
a software fallback for the shadowed texture
Use the new showMenuArrow property on background for the menu arrow
don’t hide the header when overshooting up
move ManagedTextureNode in own file
ToolBarLayout: Add spacing to visibleWidth if we’re displaying the more button
Do not override Heading pixel size in BreadCrumbControl (bug 404396)
Update app template
[passivenotification] Set explicit padding (bug 419391)
Enable clipping in the GlobalDrawer StackView
Remove opacity from disabled PrivateActionToolButton
Make ActionToolBar a control
swipenavigator: add control over which pages are displayed
Declare the underlying type of the DisplayHint enum to be uint
Add ToolBarLayout/ToolBarLayoutDelegate to pri file
kirigami.pro: Use source file list from kirigami.pri
Do not delete incubators in completion callback
Ensure menuActions remains an array instead of a list property
Add return type to DisplayHint singleton lambda
Account for item height when vertically centering delegates
Always queue a new layout, even if we are currently layouting
Rework InlineMessage layout using anchors
Use full width to check if all actions fit
Add a comment about the extra spacing for centering
Fix check for tooltip text in PrivateActionToolButton
Workaround qqc2-desktop-style ToolButton not respecting non-flat IconOnly
Prefer collapsing KeepVisible actions over hiding later KeepVisible actions
Hide all following actions when the first action gets hidden
Add a notify signal for ToolBarLayout::actions and emit it at the right time
Expose action to separator of ActionsMenu
Rename ActionsMenu loaderDelegate kirigamiAction property to action
Add missing loaderDelegate that checks visibility
Hide action delegates until they are positioned
ToolBarLayout: Replace custom lazy-loading of delegates with QQmlIncubator
Move displayHintSet to C++ so it can be called from there
Support right-to-left mode in ToolBarLayout
Add minimumWidth property to ToolBarLayout
Rework PrivateActionToolButton for improved performance
Deprecate ActionToolBar::hiddenActions
Set layout hints for ActionToolBar
Use non-deprecated DisplayHint in ToolBarPageHeader
Display component errors if delegate items fail instantiation
Hide delegates of actions that were removed
Cleanup full/icon delegate items on delegate destruction
Enforce full/icon delegate item visibility
Use ToolBarLayout for ActionToolBar’s layouting
Add some comments to ToolBarLayout::maybeHideDelegate
Add visibleWidth property to ToolBarLayout
Introduce ToolBarLayout native object
Move DisplayHint from Action to C++ enums file
Add icons used in the about page to cmake icon packaging macro
Fix cache sync issues with QtQuick dialog (bug 417985)
Drop empty X-KDE-PluginInfo-Depends
Remove entries if they do not match filter anymore (bug 425135)
Fix edge case where KNS gets stuck (bug 423055)
Make the internal kpackage job task less fragile (bug 425811)
Remove downloaded file when using kpackage installation
Support a different style of kpackage knsrc for fallback
Handle /
notation for RemoveDeadEntries (bug 425704)
Make it easier to get the cache for an already initialised engine
Add a reverse lookup for entries based on their installed files
Use /* notation for subdir uncompression and allow subdir uncompression if file is archive
Fix flood of “Pixmap is a null pixmap” warnings
Remove slashes from entry name when interpreting it as path (bug 417216)
Fix a sometimes-crash with the KPackageJob task (bug 425245)
Use same spinner for loading and initializing (bug 418031)
Remove details button (bug 424895)
Run uninstall script async (bug 418042)
Disable search when not available
Hide load more spinner while updating/installing (bug 422047)
Do not append download target dir to entry files
Remove * character when passing dir to script
Do not focus first element in icon view mode (bug 424894)
Avoid unnecessary starting of uninstall job
Add a RemoveDeadEntries option for knsrc files (bug 417985)
[QtQuick dialog] Fix last instance of incorrect update icon
[QtQuick dialog] Use more appropriate uninstall icons
KPackage Framework
Do not delete package root if package was deleted (bug 410682)
Add a fillColorSource property to Line charts
Calculate smoothing based on item size and device pixel ratio
Use average of size instead of maximum to determine line smoothness
Base amount of smoothing in line charts on chart size
Add template for python runner
Update template for KDE Store compatibility and improve README
Add support for runner syntaxes to dbus runners
Save RunnerContext after each match session (bug 424505)
Implement invokeTerminal on Windows with workdir, command and envs
Fix application preference ordering for mimetypes with multiple inheritance (bug 425154)
Bundle the Application servicetype into a qrc file
Expand tilde character when reading working directory (bug 424974)
Vimode: Make the small delete register (-) directly accessible
Vimode: Copy the behavior of vim’s numbered registers
Vimode: Simplify the append-copy implementation
Make “search for selection” search if there is no selection
Multiline mode makes sense only for multiline regex
Add comment about checking pattern.isEmpty()
Port the search interface from QRegExp to QRegularExpression
Vimode: Implement append-copy
Speed up a lot loading large files
Only show zoom level when it is not 100%
Add a zoom indicator to the status bar
Added a separate config option for bracket match preview
Show a preview of the matching open bracket’s line
Allow more control over invocation of completion models when automatic invocation is not used
KWallet Framework
Avoid clash with a macro in ctype.h from OpenBSD
Add KRecentFilesMenu to replace KRecentFileAction
Install platform plugins in a directory with no dots in file name (bug 425652)
[xcb] Scaled icon geometry correctly everywhere
Allow opting out of remembering window positions on X11 (bug 415150)
Save and restore position of main window (bug 415150)
Plasma Framework
[PC3/BusyIndicator] Avoid running invisible animation
Don’t use highlightedTextColor for TabButtons
Remove Layout.minimumWidth from Button and ToolButton
Use the spacing property for the spacing between Button/ToolButton icons and labels
Add private/ButtonContent.qml for PC3 Buttons and ToolButtons
Change PC3 Button and ToolButton implicitWidth and implicitHeight to account for inset values
Add implicitWidth and implicitHeight to ButtonBackground
Fix incorrect default for PlasmaExtras.ListItem (bug 425769)
Don’t let the background become smaller than the svg (bug 424448)
Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition
Make PC3 BusyIndicator visuals keep a 1:1 aspect ratio (bug 425504)
Use ButtonFocus and ButtonHover in PC3 ComboBox
Use ButtonFocus and ButtonHover in PC3 RoundButton
Use ButtonFocus and ButtonHover in PC3 CheckIndicator
Unify the flat/normal behavior of PC3 Buttons/ToolButtons (bug 425174)
Make Heading use PC3 Label
[PlasmaComponents3] Make checkbox text fill its layout
Give PC2 slider implicitWidth and implicitHeight
Copy files rather than broken symlinks
Fix toolbutton-hover margins in button.svg (bug #425255)
[PlasmaComponents3] very small refactor of ToolButton shadow code
[PlasmaComponents3] Fix reversed condition for flat ToolButton shadow
[PlasmaComponents3] Strip mnemonic ampersands from tooltip text
Only draw the focus indicator when we got focus via the keyboard (bug 424446)
Drop implicit minimum sizing from PC2 and PC3 Buttons
Add PC3 equivalent to PC2 ListItem
Fix toolbar svg
[pc3] Make ToolBar more aligned with qqc2-desktop-style one
Expose the applet metadata in AppletInterface
Don’t truncate DPR to an integer in cache ID
Add timeout property to ToolTipArea
Set type to Dialog in flags if type is Dialog::Normal
Apply initial configuration data when loading config UI
Restore behaviour of AlternativesView
[jobcontroller] Disable separate process
Rework job view handling (bug 419170)
Fix StandardKey shortcut sequences in MenuItem showing as numbers
Don’t use parent height/width for implicit ToolSeparator sizing (bug 425949)
Only use “focus” style for non-flat toolbuttons on press
Add top and bottom padding to ToolSeparator
Make ToolSeparator respect topPadding and bottomPadding values
Make MenuSeparator use background’s calculated height not implicitheight
Fix toolbuttons with menus using newer Breeze
Draw the entire CheckBox control via the QStyle
Adding static storageAccessFromPath method, needed by https://phabricator.kde.org/D28745
Correct license exception
Syntax Highlighting
convert all themes to new keys for editor colors
change theme json format, use meta object enum names for editor colors
check kateversion >= 5.62 for fallthroughContext without fallthrough=“true” and use attrToBool for boolean attribute
Add syntax definition for todo.txt
fix matchEscapedChar(): the last character of a line is ignored
Fix isDigit(), isOctalChar() and isHexChar(): must only match ascii characters
generate themes overview
add theme meta data to header of HTML pages we generate
start to generate theme collection page
rename ‘Default’ to ‘Breeze Light’
Varnish, Vala & TADS3: use the default color style
Improve the Vim Dark color theme
Add Vim Dark color theme
add syntax-highlighting theme files to json highlighting
Ruby/Rails/RHTML: add spellChecking in itemDatas
Ruby/Rails/RHTML: use the default color style and other improvements
LDIF, VHDL, D, Clojure & ANS-Forth94: use the default color style
ASP: use the default color style and other improvements
let objective-c win for .m files
.mm is more likely Objective-C++ then meta math
use notAsciiDelimiters only with a not ascii char
optimize isWordDelimiter© with ascii character
optimize Context::load
use std::make_shared which removes the allocation on the control block
add proper license to update scripty
move update script for kate-editor.org/syntax to syntax repository
SELinux CIL & Scheme: update bracket colors for dark themes
POV-Ray: use default color style
use krita installer NSIS script as example input, taken from krita.git
add hint to update script for website
Add minimal Django Template example
update refs after latest hl changes
CMake: fix illegible colors in dark themes and other improvements
Add pipe and ggplot2 example
fix naming error for varnish hl
use right highlighting for 68k ASM: Motorola 68k (VASM/Devpac)
fix XML to be valid in respect to XSD
BrightScript: Add exception syntax
Improve comments in some syntax definitions (Part 3)
R Script: use default color style and other improvements
PicAsm: fix unknown preprocessor keywords highlighting
Improve comments in some syntax definitions (Part 2)
Modelines: remove LineContinue rules
quickfix broken hl file
Optimization: check if we are on a comment before using ##Doxygen which contains several RegExpr
Assembly languages: several fixes and more context highlighting
ColdFusion: use the default color style and replace some RegExpr rules
Improve comments in some syntax definitions, Pt. 1
Use angle brackets for context information
Revert removal of byte-order-mark
xslt: change color of XSLT tags
Ruby, Perl, QML, VRML & xslt: use the default color style and improve comments
txt2tags: improvements and fixes, use the default color style
Fix errors and add fallthroughContext=AttrNormal for each context of diff.xml because all rules contain column=0
fix issues found by static checker
import Pure highlighting from skylighting/pure.xml at master · jgm/skylighting · GitHub
fix kateversion attribute
make highlighting lookup order independent of translations
fix version format + spacing issues
import Modula-3 highlighting from skylighting/modula-3.xml at master · jgm/skylighting · GitHub
fix version format
fix spacing stuff found by static checker
import LLVM highlighting from skylighting/llvm.xml at master · jgm/skylighting · GitHub
fix spacing stuff found by static checker
import Idris from skylighting/idris.xml at master · jgm/skylighting · GitHub
fix faults found by static checker
import ATS from skylighting/ats.xml at master · jgm/skylighting · GitHub
detach only for not freshly created data
create StateData on demand
Security information
The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key: pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure faure@kde.org Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB

Installing binary packages
On Linux, using packages for your favorite distribution is the recommended way to get access to KDE Frameworks. Get KDE Software on Your Linux Distro wiki page.
Compiling from sources
The complete source code for KDE Frameworks 5.74.0 may be freely downloaded. Instructions on compiling and installing KDE Frameworks 5.74.0 are available from the KDE Frameworks 5.74.0 Info Page.

Building from source is possible using the basic cmake .; make; make install commands. For a single Tier 1 framework, this is often the easiest solution. People interested in contributing to frameworks or tracking progress in development of the entire set are encouraged to use kdesrc-build. Frameworks 5.74.0 requires Qt 5.12.

A detailed listing of all Frameworks and other third party Qt libraries is at inqlude.org, the curated archive of Qt libraries. A complete list with API documentation is on api.kde.org.

Those interested in following and contributing to the development of Frameworks can check out the git repositories, follow the discussions on the KDE Frameworks Development mailing list and contribute patches through Phabricator. Policies and the current state of the project and plans are available at the Frameworks wiki. Real-time discussions take place on the #kde-devel IRC channel on freenode.net.
Supporting KDE
KDE is a Free Software community that exists and grows only because of the help of many volunteers that donate their time and effort. KDE is always looking for new volunteers and contributions, whether it is help with coding, bug fixing or reporting, writing documentation, translations, promotion, money, etc. All contributions are gratefully appreciated and eagerly accepted. Please read through the Donations page for further information or become a KDE e.V. supporting member through our Join the Game initiative.

About KDE
KDE is an international technology team that creates free and open source software for desktop and portable computing. Among KDE’s products are a modern desktop system for Linux and UNIX platforms, comprehensive office productivity and groupware suites and hundreds of software titles in many categories including Internet and web applications, multimedia, entertainment, educational, graphics and software development. KDE software is translated into more than 60 languages and is built with ease of use and modern accessibility principles in mind. KDE’s full-featured applications run natively on Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows and macOS.