KDE Plasma 5.20.1 Released

Plasma 5.20.1 Complete Changelog


  • Show “Enable bluetooth” only when Manager is operational. Commit.
  • Fix device icon size on device page. Commit.
  • [kcm] Set sane default size. Commit.


  • Remove the shadow in widgetDestroyed(). Commit.
  • Regenerate wallpaper sizes. Commit.
  • Generate_wallpaper_sizes.py: Properly compress wallpapers. Commit.
  • Fix for occasional background glitches behind transparent Menus, especially when hovering over menu elements. Commit.


  • Fix a dangling reference to the list of database files. Commit. See bug #427650

Plasma Addons

  • Fix typo in small icons window switcher. Commit. Fixes bug #427745
  • Use higher match priority and copy suggested text. Commit.


  • Divide network speeds by 2. Commit.


  • Send wl_pointer.frame when emulating pointer events out of touch ones. Commit.
  • Properly handle destruction of XdgOutputV1Interface. Commit. Fixes bug #426293


  • Introduce persistent global share context. Commit. Fixes bug #415798
  • Fix a potential SIGSEGV. Commit.
  • Qpa: Create a pbuffer for internal windows. Commit.
  • Core: Use less confusing name for Platform::supportsQpaContext(). Commit.
  • Qpa: Merge OpenGL platform context classes. Commit.
  • Scene: Reduce the call cost of Platform::supportsQpaContext(). Commit.
  • Fix pipewire stream double free. Commit.
  • Detect softpipe and llvmpipe on Mesa 20.2+. Commit.
  • Wayland: Introduce logicalToNativeMatrix() helper. Commit.
  • Platforms/drm: Fix software flip output transforms. Commit.
  • Platforms/drm: Compute correct cursor transform matrix. Commit. Fixes bug #427605. See bug #427060
  • Wayland: Fix Qt clients not being maximized initially. Commit.
  • Xwayland: Avoid creating a tree query on crash. Commit. Fixes bug #427688
  • Wayland: Block geometry updates while placing popups. Commit.
  • Fix KWIN_EFFECT_FACTORY macros. Commit.


  • [cursors] Add symlinks for corner resize. Commit.

Plasma Desktop

  • Fix sizing of tooltip with media controls without thumbnail. Commit.
  • [kcms/autostart] Set sane default size. Commit.
  • [kcms/user] Fix leaking model. Commit.


  • Fix device type check for freebsd. Commit.
  • Replace open-fstat dance with lstat. Commit.


  • Kdirselectdialog: when creating a new dir that already exists, select it. Commit.

Plasma Audio Volume Control

Plasma Workspace

  • [applets/devicenotifier] Don’t offer to unmount non-removable devices. Commit. Fixes bug #427176
  • [applets/systemtray] Fix icon size for 24px panels. Commit. Fixes bug #427690
  • Make Prison a required dependency. Commit.
  • [notifications] Fix margins of close button timeout indicator. Commit. Fixes bug #425911
  • [Notifications] Also check transient parent for whether it’s a dialog. Commit. See bug #426187
  • Revert “krdb: Call xrdb with -nocpp” to fix gitk runtime errors. Commit.


  • Ignore player’s from KDE Connect when suspending. Commit. Fixes bug #427209