SUSE Hackweek 20 event will happen next week

Hack Week is a SUSE traditional yearly event. It lives in our culture cornerstones (e.g. Open Source, Innovation, Passion, Collaboration, etc). This event opens to SUSE employees, communities, FOSS and anyone who are interested in Open Source and willing to contribute to Open Source.

Hack Week 20th is coming soon, which will happen from March 22nd to 26th. This Hack Week, we are pleased to have Rancher colleagues to join, and looking forward to sharing and exchanging innovative sparks, and what Open Source can achieve.
PS: Last Hack Week, one of highlight projects is using AI on HUAWEI TaiShan to play a beautiful music by piano.

If you are interested in attending this Hack Week:

  • Please register your project on or join a existed project here.
  • We will have a kick off meeting on 10:00, Mar 22nd (Beijing Time), if you would like to present your project, please send one-page slide introduction to Nick Wang by end of Mar 18th. We will send you an appointment (include online meeting link) of kick off meeting then.

Last but not least, we will provide a gift which is limited edition to person who join our Hack Week through above steps, first come first served.

If you have any questions about Hack Week, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you in Hack Week 20th.



我们是整个 22-26 日五天都是 hackweek 的时间,22 日下周一上午是 kickoff meeting,25 日下周五下午是 wrapup meeting


我听说周五是总结?你们总结是什么时候开始?我有点事情还要去一趟 F5 那边。



难得去一次北京,还是完美的 “错过” 了。

还真是,这疫情影响没完没了。这次有时间的话,可以考虑参加下线上的。希望下次有机会来办公室! :grinning: