KDE Plasma 5.21.5, Bugfix Release for May

Plasma 5.21.5 Complete Changelog


  • [sendfile] Update org.kde.bluedevilsendfile.desktop. Commit.
  • [kio] Add trailing slash to device url. Commit. Fixes bug #409179


  • Fix SplitterProxy not clearing when above another QSplitterHandle. Commit. Fixes bug #431921
  • Fix logic error in SplitterProxy::setEnabled. Commit.


  • Use Breeze-style arrows everywhere. Commit.
  • Gtk3, gtk4: make comboboxes look more true to breeze qstyle. Commit.


  • Add missing Qt5Concurrent to target_link_libraries. Commit.
  • Fwupd: Make sure we initalise the device defaults. Commit. Fixes bug #435785
  • Pk: Only clear notifier results when they’re successful. Commit.
  • Pk: Fix dependencies view appearing. Commit.
  • Pk: Clear the offline updates results after displaying them. Commit.
  • Only wrap flatpak.h includes in extern “C” with older versions. Commit.

Dr Konqi

  • Move bugz api from qurlquery to a custom container. Commit. Fixes bug #435442


  • Effects: Properly reset present times in coverswitch and flipswitch effects. Commit. Fixes bug #433471
  • Fix crash when stopping PipeWire streaming. Commit.
  • Lockscreen: also activate lock screen windows. Commit. Fixes bug #427882
  • Wayland: Check workspace position after creating decoration. Commit. Fixes bug #432326
  • Platforms/drm: Fix crash in EglGbmBackend::presentOnOutput(). Commit.


  • Do not leak the created QQuickItems. Commit.

Plasma Desktop

  • Fix renaming shortcut for files selected via selection button and popup. Commit. Fixes bug #425436
  • Calculate cursor position relative to top-left corner of current screen. Commit. Fixes bug #436216
  • Set a transientParent for the FolderView ContextMenu. Commit. See bug #417378
  • Fix: unneeded keyboardConfig.save(). Commit.
  • Kcms/users: elide text that can’t fit in users list. Commit. Fixes bug #435700

Plasma Firewall

  • [kcm/core/rule] Add missing include to make bsd happy. Commit.

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Forward openconnect usergroup. Commit. Fixes bug #435561
  • Applet: delay model updates on expanded password field. Commit. Fixes bug #435430

Plasma Audio Volume Control

  • Increment volume by percent instead of a constant volumeStep. Commit. Fixes bug #434769. Fixes bug #435522

Plasma Systemmonitor

  • Also append fixedColumns on initial load. Commit.
  • Remove RowLayout from KillDialog DialogButtonBox. Commit. Fixes bug #435192
  • Cleanup old controller if FaceLoader gets destroyed. Commit.

Plasma Workspace

  • [applets/digital-clock] Fix “both pointSize and pixelSize defined” warning. Commit.
  • [applets/digitalclock] Fix timezone filter. Commit.
  • Add a -1 to make the mouse input not redirect to a margin pixel. Commit. Fixes bug #413736
  • Fix crash on drag-and-drop over panel. Commit. Fixes bug #398440
  • [Notifications] Don’t generate previews of zero size. Commit. See bug #430862
  • Krunner: Always set cursor position to end when focusing search field. Commit. Fixes bug #435604
  • Don’t extract QML as Java. Commit.


  • Raise the maximum allowed UID to 60513. Commit.

底部任务栏遮挡最大化 GTK 程序的 bug 应该修复了