KDE Plasma 5.22.5, Bugfix Release for August

Plasma 5.22.5 Complete Changelog


  • Kstyle: consider activeSubControls when deciding arrow colour. Commit. Fixes bug #434884


  • Show actual shortcut for Refresh action’s tooltip. Commit. Fixes bug #438916

KDE GTK Config

  • Don’t apply window_decorations.css to non-Breeze themes. Commit.
  • Make sure to actually commit GSettings changes. Commit.



  • Fix drag and drop raise with Xwayland windows. Commit. Fixes bug #440534
  • Platforms/drm: check wl_eglstream buffers before attaching. Commit. Fixes bug #440852
  • Platforms/drm: fix gpu removal. Commit. See bug #441372
  • Kcm/kwindecoration: Fix window thumbnail sizes. Commit.
  • Platforms/drm: consider KWIN_DRM_DEVICES for hotplugged gpus. Commit.
  • Platforms/drm: fix crashing debug operator. Commit.
  • Copy shape region to Deleted. Commit. Fixes bug #440001. Fixes bug #438458. Fixes bug #435378
  • Avoid discarding previous pixmap. Commit. Fixes bug #439689

Plasma Desktop

  • [emojier] Set KLocalizedContext. Commit. See bug #441097
  • [emojier] Register QAbstractItemModel to QML. Commit.
  • [containments/desktop] Stop hardcoding applet handle tooltip position. Commit. Fixes bug #425636
  • [containments/panel] Fix panel applet configuration with touch. Commit. Fixes bug #439918
  • [desktoppackage/alternatives] Don’t overflow with long text. Commit. Fixes bug #439098
  • [applets/taskmanager] Don’t make pinned app tooltips interactive. Commit. Fixes bug #439094
  • [containments/desktop] Fix applet overlay icon size with touch interaction. Commit.
  • Use the correct panel prefixes from the theme. Commit.

Plasma Systemmonitor

Plasma Workspace

  • [kcms/icons] Fix i18n usage. Commit.
  • [kcms/icons] Clip ListView in popup. Commit.
  • [applets/digitalclock] Let long timezones list scroll. Commit. Fixes bug #439147
  • [applets/digital-clock] Fix header in RTL mode. Commit. Fixes bug #438083