[SOLVED] 有关 Audacity 在 Windows 10 21H1 及更高版本上卡死的问题

  • 现象:在 Windows 10 的高版本(20H1 及更新版本)上,运行 audacity 时,一旦按下键盘任意按键将导致 audacity 无响应,无法交互,近似卡死的状态。

  • 可能的原因:未知

  • 可行的解决办法 1 :在 Windows 设置的时间和语言中,将 English 作为 Windows 默认的显示语言,重启后再开启 audacity 即可。

  • 副作用:微软拼音输入法的反应延迟会大大提高;对于不习惯使用英语的用户不友好;影响新装软件的语言设置;影响某些应用的界面渲染效果。

  • 可行的解决办法 2 :使用旧版的微软拼音输入法。

    • 用鼠标右键单击输入法图标,打开设置页面,点击 “常规” ,启用 “兼容性” 选项。
    • 然后再启动 audacity
  • 副作用:微软拼音输入法的反应灵敏度可能会下降。

  • 相关内容:

Hi! I’m so excited!! I think I found a solution!

I’m using Windows 10 in Chinese Traditional, ever since I started using Udacity, it freezes 9 out of 10 times when I use my keyboard for any instruction, such as copy paste, ctrl + Z, ctrl + S etc…I tried reinstalling and it doesn’t work.

After I read someone’s reply about him being in Japan, I thought maybe it has to do with my language setting.

So I did the following:

  1. I went into Window’s language setting (not keyboard setting), add ENGLISH to the option. However, note that I was always able to use English on my keyboard before this action.

  2. Now on my Windows desktop page, bottom right corner, it displays ENG.

  3. Restart the PC.

  4. Double check that it still displays ENG.

  5. Start the audacity file, as long as it keeps displaying ENG, I can use my keyboard for any actions. BUT, as soon as I switch to Chinese Traditional, AND using English under Chinese, audacity freezes again.

I hope this helps :)