KDE Plasma 5.24.4, Bugfix Release for March


  • Fix build without QtQuick and QtX11Extras. Commit.


  • Fix searchfield focus on touch launch. Commit.

KDE Window Decoration Library


  • KCM: Center Orientation label when there’s no automatic options. Commit.
  • X11: align touchscreen to internal display. Commit. Fixes bug #415683


  • Outputchangeset: set default values for vrr policy and rgb range. Commit. Fixes bug #442520


  • Backends/drm: attempt a modeset on output disabling. Commit. Fixes bug #449878
  • Plugins/screencast: Fix a glitch in cursor bitmap. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: set max bpc in DrmPipeline. Commit. See bug #448220
  • Backends/drm: fall back to legacy mode in virtual machines. Commit. Fixes bug #427060
  • Backends/drm: only allow ARGB8888 as the cursor format. Commit.
  • Effects/blur: Fix window flickering when the clip intersected with the current blur region. Commit. Fixes bug #421135
  • Screencast: better solution for missing context on cursor move. Commit.
  • Revert “screencast: make context current in tryEnqueue”. Commit.
  • Src/kcmkwin: fix botched indentation code for final checkbox. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: don’t do direct scanout with software rotation. Commit.
  • Screencast: make context current in tryEnqueue. Commit.
  • Effects/desktopgrid: don’t forget to schedule repaints when timeline is running. Commit. Fixes bug #444678
  • Effects/desktopgrid: register down gesture. Commit. Fixes bug #444694
  • Inputmethod: Do not reset when hiding. Commit.
  • Inputmethod: Listen to text-input enablement changes when starting disabled. Commit.

Plasma Desktop

  • Kcms/componentchooser: unify combobox lengths. Commit. Fixes bug #451365


  • Mmplugin: set all connections to not autoconnect on setMobileDataEnabled(false) (#182). Commit.

Plasma Workspace

  • Kcms/users: Adjust for padding in overlay sheet. Commit. Fixes bug #451031
  • [Media Controller] Explicitly set slider “to” before setting “value”. Commit.
  • [Notifications] Fix implicit size propagation in SelectableLabel. Commit.
  • Applets/kicker: Skip creating KService for non-desktop files or folders. Commit. Fixes bug #442970
  • Fix sleep/suspend sometimes not working. Commit.
  • Kicker/actionlist: Ensure we parse the args for the jumplist actions. Commit. Fixes bug #451418
  • Libtaskmanager: recompute active task when a task is removed. Commit.
  • Sddm/lockscreen: Fix weird behaviour. Commit.
  • [Notifications] Limit notification heading line count. Commit.

Plymouth KControl Module

System Settings

  • Don’t let back arrow be re-colored to monochrome. Commit. See bug #451538
  • Systemsettings runner: Ensure that we match keywords case insensitively. Commit. Fixes bug #451634