KDE Plasma 5.26.2, Bugfix Release for October


  • Flatpak: make sure we look up the correct resource. Commit. Fixes bug #460365
  • Flatpak: Only show the beta information for apps. Commit. Fixes bug #459131
  • Flatpak: Properly render if the beta package is too old. Commit.
  • Snap: Port away from Kirigami.ItemViewHeader. Commit. Fixes bug #460391

Dr Konqi

  • Check telemetrymode. Commit.
  • Use qdbus to query for the hostname. Commit.
  • Allow using debuginfod for symbol resolution with gdb12. Commit. Fixes bug #454063

KDE Window Decoration Library

  • Floor mouse positions rather than rounding. Commit.

Plasma Addons

  • Runners/spellchecker: Fix config group name mismatch. Commit. Fixes bug #460899

Info Center

  • CommandOutputKCM: Fix text sizing and make it selectable. Commit.


  • Replace some manual floored QPointF->QPoint conversion with flooredPoint calls. Commit.
  • DecorationInputFilter: Use QPointF instead of QPoint for events. Commit.
  • Window: Floor rather than round when doing hitTest for the decoration. Commit. Fixes bug #460686
  • Add a helper function to convert QPointF to QPoint using floor instead of round. Commit.
  • Wayland: Fix missing relative motion events. Commit. Fixes bug #444510
  • Implement a enableRequested signal for text-input-v3. Commit.
  • Kcmkwin/kwindecoration: use Kirigami.ActionToolBar for the footer actions. Commit. Fixes bug #460793
  • Autotests/integration: make inputmethodtest more realstic. Commit.
  • Inputpanelv1window: never hide overlay panels. Commit.
  • Inputmethod: reset m_shouldShowPanel when the tracked window changes. Commit.
  • Inputpanelv1window: show window when client maps it after setting the mode. Commit. Fixes bug #460537
  • X11window: don’t change size for centering windows with maximization. Commit.
  • Output: don’t round geometry as often. Commit. See bug #459373
  • Effects/blur: Fix clipping when sliding virtual desktops. Commit. Fixes bug #460382
  • Fix potential race condition when text input state change and focus change happened at the same time. Commit.
  • Fix wording in action ‘Switch to Screen’. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: don’t crash if connector has no modes. Commit.


  • Make error messages translatable. Commit.

Plasma Desktop

  • Kcms/tablet: Fix dragging components. Commit. Fixes bug #460376
  • Revert “applets/taskmanager: make it harder to accidentally start a drag”. Commit. Fixes bug #460809. See bug #402376
  • [applets/digitalclock] Fix font size change when migrating from 5.25. Commit. Fixes bug #460415
  • Kcms/mouse: Set preventStealing on the button capture. Commit. See bug #460345
  • Use KeySequenceItem.captureFinished to notify a binding has been entered. Commit. See bug #459322


  • Mmplugin: Cleanup signals. Commit.
  • Dataproviders: Fix mobile provider label. Commit.
  • Mmplugin: Ensure variables are reset properly. Commit.
  • Mmplugin: Flesh out update signals and behaviour. Commit.

Plasma Remotecontrollers


  • Fix crash in vault listing callback. Commit.

Plasma Workspace

  • Revert “applets/notifications: allow screen reader to read notification body in FullRepresentation”. Commit. Fixes bug #460895
  • Runners/kill: Fix config group name mismatch. Commit. Fixes bug #460899
  • [kcms/kcm_regionandlanguage] fix config not saved after clicking ‘defaults’ and ‘save’. Commit. Fixes bug #460842
  • Disable automatic portal launching early on. Commit. Fixes bug #458865
  • Wallpapers/image: disable animated wallpaper on X11. Commit.
  • Wallpapers/image: fall back to default wallpaper when url is empty. Commit. Fixes bug #460692
  • Systemtray: Avoid dbus calls after exit. Commit. Fixes bug #460814
  • Save layout immediately after a resolution change triggered relayout. Commit.
  • Remove unnecessary heuristic relayout function call. Commit.
  • Use KeySequenceItem.captureFinished to notify a binding has been entered. Commit. Fixes bug #459322

System Settings

  • Recognize SystemSettingsExternalApp again. Commit

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我看官网上写的是 10 月 25 号更新的,我怎么还没收到更新。

看你用什么发行版。一般 Arch Linux 都是第二天第三天收到。风滚草需要做 QA 测试,一般还要在 25 号基础上等三四天。如果今天没有估计明天应该有了。KDE 社区官方发行版 kde neon user 也有了。