KDE Frameworks 5.105.0

Saturday, 8 April 2023

KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.105.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the KDE Frameworks release announcement.

This release is part of a series of planned monthly releases making improvements available to developers in a quick and predictable manner.

New in this version


  • Add conventional python virtual-env folder to exclude filters
  • [TermGenerator] Skip all unprintable characters
  • Define the translation domain of BalooEngine

Breeze Icons

  • Add icons for showing and hiding a virtual keyboard
  • Redshift icons: Add missing semi-transparency, add new breeze-dark icons
  • Update Redshift icons to off on & sun (bug 462215)
  • Delete false Gparted and Kwikdisk icons (bug 467319)

Extra CMake Modules


Framework Integration

  • Don’t play sound for plain notification (bug 457672)


  • KColorSchemeManager: don’t override color scheme set by platform theme (bug 447029)
  • CommandBar: Fix lastUsedActions not restored


  • Add Address::geoUri getter and property


  • Prevent KSignalHandler leaking signalfd file descriptors


  • API dox: add some minimal docs to namespace & classes to trigger coverage
  • API dox: cover CalendarEvents in generated QCH file
  • Overhaul configmodule docs


  • Have KDE4 compat header emit compiler warnings about their use


  • kdoctools_install: fix doc detection in path with special chars


  • Use compat headers with deprecation warnings for KuitMarkup/kuitmarkup.h
  • cmake: Do not rebuild po and ts files if they did not change


  • Add missing comma between enum values


  • psd: Fix alpha blending (KF5)


  • CommandLauncher: call emitResult() as soon as process has started (bug 466359)
  • Also handle copy_file_range failing with ENOENT
  • widgets/renamefiledialog: set number limit again (bug 466636)


  • Fix quit action code
  • GlobalDrawer: Fix header with invisible content taking up space
  • ColorUtils: Handle cases where hue is -1 in linearInterpolate
  • NavigationTabBar: Fix imports in doc example
  • NavigationTabBar: Factor out minDelegateWidth part of expression
  • Action Name Not required KF5
  • Default page categorized settings
  • Show back button when pushing a pagerow
  • shadowed*rectangle: Don’t use base class result if materials are different
  • Set fallback theme path when a custom icon theme is used


  • QtQuickDialogWrapper: Print out errors if component creation failed
  • Deprecate knewstuffcore_version.h & knewstuffquick_version.h
  • Add missing deps to KF5NewStuffCoreConfig


  • try to improve test stability
  • autoindent: fix indentation when “keep extra spaces” is enabled
  • Julia indent: fix indentation when “keep extra spaces” is enabled,


  • Allow searching 2-character strings (bug 449003)
  • Initialize KCharSelectTablePrivate::chr

Plasma Framework

  • DataEngines: Add forward compatibility as a porting aid
  • containmentinterface: get applet position when menu key is pressed


  • CheckIndicator: Allow exclusive buttons to be detected via their ButtonGroup (bug 467390)


  • Remove some obsolete and incorrect code from UPower and UDisks2 backend
  • Deprecate “Recall” API for batteries
  • Avoid synchronous DBus calls for devices list
  • Initialize supported interfaces with member initializer list
  • Replace generic UPower QDBusInterface with concrete implementation
  • Remove support for UPower < 0.99
  • Remove invalid Refresh DBus call from UPower backend

Syntax Highlighting

  • Highlight the QML “required” keyword, added in Qt 5.15

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key: pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure faure@kde.org Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB

Installing binary packages

On Linux, using packages for your favorite distribution is the recommended way to get access to KDE Frameworks. Get KDE Software on Your Linux Distro wiki page

Compiling from sources

The complete source code for KDE Frameworks 5.105.0 may be freely downloaded. Instructions on compiling and installing are available from the KDE Frameworks 5.105.0 Info Page.

Building from source is possible using the basic cmake .; make; make install commands. For a single Tier 1 framework, this is often the easiest solution. People interested in contributing to frameworks or tracking progress in development of the entire set are encouraged to use kdesrc-build. Frameworks 5.105.0 requires Qt 5.15.2.

A detailed listing of all Frameworks and other third party Qt libraries is at inqlude.org, the curated archive of Qt libraries. A complete list with API documentation is on api.kde.org.

Get Involved

Those interested in following and contributing to the development of Frameworks can check out the git repositories and follow the discussions on the KDE Frameworks Development mailing list. Policies and the current state of the project and plans are available at the Frameworks wiki. Real-time discussions take place on the #kde-devel IRC channel on Libera Chat.

Supporting KDE

KDE is a Free Software community that exists and grows only because of the help of many volunteers that donate their time and effort. KDE is always looking for new volunteers and contributions, whether it is help with coding, bug fixing or reporting, writing documentation, translations, promotion, money, etc. All contributions are gratefully appreciated and eagerly accepted. Please read through the Supporting KDE page for further information or become a KDE e.V. supporting member through our Join the Game initiative